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Custom Steel Designs & Fabrication

A multi-talented artist, Michael Steadman is able to help you design and fabricate metal fixtures and artwork. He has done several custom fireplace screens, custom handrails and unique artworks that combine metal and glass.

Artistic Handrails

Custom Steel Hand Rail by Michael Steadman

This handrail is designed to look like it was made from a tree branch, with a more organic feel than a standard handrail. Made from steel it is solid and durable. Notice the artistic touches that make this handrail unique. The design and fabrication take into account the surrounding materials, thus successfully incorporating the handrail into its environment.

Custom Steel Hand Rail by Michael Steadman

Unique Fireplace Screens

One way to accessorize your space and make it unlike any other is to have Michael build you a custom fireplace screen. Below are examples of some of the many unique designs Michael has come up with for his clients.

Custom Steel Fireplace Screen by Michael Steadman

Michael has created several custom fireplace screens for his clients. His functional designs are both elegant and sturdy. Why settle for a run of the mill mass manufactured fireplace screen when you and have a unique custom designed one?

Fireplace Screen with a Yin and Yang theme by Michael Steadman

Fireplace Screen with an aspen theme by Michael Steadman

Fireplace Screen with a circular theme by Michael Steadman

Glass and Steel Art

Morning Ray Cafe Sun Glass and Steel Wall Relief Sculpture

At times, Michael's many diverse talents are used on one project. The work he did for the Morning Ray Cafe is an excellent example of this. Not only did Michael lend his vast painting expertise to the project, he also designed and built a steel and glass sun to help make the main dining space of the cafe a warm, inviting and unique place to eat.

The pieces below are some of Michael's beautiful wall mounted glass and steel art objects. The design is based on the traditional sconce.

Beautiful glass and metal sconceBeautiful glass and metal sconce

Look for more unique designs from Michael's growing portfolio. If you like what you see why not contact Michael and commission him to create a one of kind piece for your collection.

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