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A master of technique and storehouse of knowledge, Michael Steadman can create any number of effects and illusions using paint to replicating a wide variety of finishes. He also does freeform painting, custom signs and murals.

Faux Finishing

Faux Tiles in the guest washroom

Faux finishing is an art and the scope of Michael's ability to replicate a wide range of finishes is a solid testament to his skills in this field. Faux finishing can be great way to get the unique look you want.

Here are a few examples of faux projects Michael has done. The image to the right was done in a washroom to replicate the look of old stone tiles. The owner of the house wanted a classic look and Michael was able to deliver. The same technique was also used in an alcove off the main entry of the house. Because of the curved shape of the alcove, it would have been impossible to actually use old stone tiles in this space, but with the magic of faux finishing, the illusion was easily achieved.

Faux Tiles in alcove

This project included several different faux finishes to replicate a number of looks throughout the house. Luckily for the owners Michael was on the task.

In the master bath, they wanted the look of rice paper walls. Having actual rice paper walls put in would have posed many practical considerations, taken a lot of time and cost significantly more.

Faux Rice Paper Walls inthe Master Bath

On a recent job Michael was asked to transform the ceilings of a wine cellar and home theater room to match the exsisting cultured stone walls and help create a mineshaft theme.

Using texture and paint to create the feeling of a stone ceiling.

With his attention to detail and insistence on quality, Michael creates amazingly beautiful looks that meet your expectations and often go far beyond.

For another client, Michael was asked to transform a concrete fireplace into something with a little more warmth and character. The result is this beautiful faux marble fireplace.

Faux Marble Fireplace

Faux texture

Faux finishing is a great way to give your space a rich warm feeling. The layers of glaze and paint give the illusion of depth and texture.

Some of the textures that Michael has replicated include wood, stone, marble, rust, leather and copper. He is also often asked to create an "aged" look.

If you have seen it somewhere, it can be done. Chances are that Michael can recreate it. He can make almost any look you want work in almost any space.

Below are just two examples that show the warmth and texture that faux finishing can bring to a room.

Faux textureFaux texture

Whether you want a metallic finish, faux stone or the texture of supple leather Michael can do it all.

Copper FinishAnother View

Michael has painted many objects to match the surrounding brick, stone, tile or other texture. He has a talent for making things "disappear". Before Michael worked his magic on this power outlet it stood out like a sore thumb. Now it blends in very nicely with the surrounding marble countertop.

Power outlet painted to match surrounding marble countertop

Other Painting Projects

Dragon Scroll

Michael has done a wide variety of other painting projects including murals and signs.

The dragon scroll to the left was designed to fit his client's asian motif. It hangs over 20 feet long and was made to fill a specific space in their home.

Michael creates custom artworks in many mediums. His versatile talents can make your vision a reality. Michael has the know-how, tools and is able to tap into numerous resources to make your project come to life.

You only live once, so show the world you have style. Don't settle for run of the mill when you can have the finest.

Ceiling Stencil

To the right is a pattern Michael stenciled on the ceiling of a hallway for a client.

Working with his clients ideas Michael has developed themes and painted stencil designs that make entire rooms trully unique. A stenciled design can incorporate your own family crest or other design of your choosing.

This stenciled design uses a crest and leaf motif...

Stenciled pattern in Bathroom

Michael has done signs for local businesses...

Grappa Sign

One project Michael did was to reproduce a rose theme pattern from fabric a client had...

Flower Bath

Another project was to create a safari theme in the play room...

Jungle Mural

Michael is a very versatile artist capable of doing a wide variety of projects to fit many tastes and styles. Please contact Michael if you are interested in having him do a project for you.

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