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Park City GlassFX
by Michael Steadman

Michael has a passion for working with glass. He has created many unique artworks as well as utilitarian items made from glass. He has blown knobs for kitchen cabinets, made custom chandeliers and created complex sculptural installations. Michael is up to the challenge of taking your ideas and making them work. Dream a little, Michael will do the rest.

Michael gather glass on the puny

Michael has built his own glass studio and is happiest when he is in it creating. It is especially satisfying to be in the hot shop when there is over five feet of snow outside.

Michael blows, fuses and slumps glass. He often combines glass elements with wood, clay or steel to create his unique art.

Multiple blown glass elements on a carved wooden base

For this piece Michael blew a dozen flame like spires of glass and put them on a horizontal carved wooden base.

Multiple blown glass elements in a thrown clay base

The pieces below are two of Michael's beautiful wall mounted glass and steel art objects. The design is based on the traditional sconce.

Beautiful glass and metal sconceBeautiful glass and metal sconce

Sadie the Mosaic Moose

In 2005 Michael was selected to decorate a life size moose as part of the Moose on the Loose charity benefit auction. Michael used hundreds of tiles to create a mosaic moose called "Sadie". The winning bidder commissioned Michael to create a unique environment using his glass skills for the moose's new home.

Using both glass and wood, Michael envisioned a "natural" habitat for Sadie. The result is a aquatic moose haven done in Michael's unique style.

"Sadie" the mosaic moose can be seen in her lush glass habitat in the lobby of the Central Rail building in the NoMa distric of Park City.

Morning Ray Cafe Sun Glass and Steel Wall Relief Sculpture

At times, Michael's many diverse talents are used on one project. The work he did for the Morning Ray Cafe is an excellent example of this. Not only did Michael lend his vast painting expertise to the project, he also designed and built a steel and glass sun to help make the main dining space of the cafe a warm, inviting and unique place to eat.

Michael is a very versatile artist capable of doing a wide variety of projects to fit many tastes and styles. Feel free to contact Michael if you are interested in having him do a project for you.

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